thYnk is an imagined creative advertising agency, given a brief to create an advertising campaign to convince 19YO males that 'Drunk cycling is not worth the risk'. The solution showed how the legal risks of drunk cycling could impact the audiences independence.

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Stylish man in a suit riding a bike on an urban street Campaign Structure Chart Pitch document concept page, Cycle Drunk. Spend more time with mum Pitch Document Page, concept basis

The most surprising this about drunk cycling is, not only that it is illegal, but that it carries the same legal risks as drunk driving. Given that this is not widely known, we believed it was essential information to communicate in our campaign. However, 19YO males are notorious for pushing boundaries, even legal ones, so the campaign would need to relate this to something the target market cares about. So we created a campaign that explored the consequences that losing your drivers license or receiving a fine could have on your independence, something the target audience have only just gained and is value.

Given the target market, we determined that serious or hard-hitting ads would be ineffective, we would need to engage them through humor while conveying the important message. The campaign would be delivered through unique and modern mediums in order to reach our target audience in fun and unexpected ways. This included SnapChat, Youtube ads and UberMum.

The campaign is comprised of advertisements over four key mediums, UberMum, Youtube ads, Little notes on Bikes and Social Media. Youtube ads will include five different executions and will link to the UberMum medium. While Little notes on bikes will include only one execution. Whereas the social media medium can feature potential infinite executions.
The legal consequences are pretty serious risks, but they're boring to advertise. Especially to our target audience. So we can up with a way to make the legal risks interesting; by the social consequences of the legal risks.