LEO is a smart home bedside lamp design to help people relax before bed so they can get a better night sleep. LEO works by guiding users through breathing exercises before bed, using a combination of light and sound.

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A young woman sleeps while the egg-shaped lamp glows orange on her bedside table A young woman sits on her bed looking over her shoulder at the LEO lamp on her bedside table.
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LEO is designed for individuals who suffer from stress and anxiety disorders. In particular, students and young professionals, aged between 16-26. Findings from our research indicated that a high proportion of individuals within this demographic struggle to sleep as a result of stress and anxiety disorders. Many individuals noted that they often work late or study immediately before going to bed and struggle to wind down when it is time to go to sleep.

LEO guides users through breathing exercises using both light and sound. Following the breathing exercises, LEO plays soothing sounds, designed to gently lull the user to sleep.