3,000 Litres a Day is a video which visualises the amount of water which is used to produced the foods we eat every day. The video was made to be shown in Sydney's Central Park mall, publically raising awareness around this little-known environmental issue.

Sydney's Central Park Mall digital wall
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Play 3,000 Litres a Day Documentary Video

We were asked to create a video around an environmental issue which would be displayed on 15 x 3 metre wall in Sydney's Central Park Mall. It was important that the video was beautiful and added to the space's aesthetic which raising awareness around an environmental issue.

The unique space this video was designed for, provided a number constraints. As it was being displayed on such a large wall, it was important that the video did not move very fast. As many people would only see the video in passing, it was important that the overall message could be conveyed through only any small part of the video. Lastly, as the environment would be quite loud, the video would need to make sense with or without the accompanying sound.